The latest development in dialysis strategies

HFR Evolution® is the hemodialytic therapy able to optimize and integrate selective purification and biocompatibility and to respond to the needs of an increasingly older dialytic population that is particularly critical because of complications and co-morbidities. Its dual-chamber filter together with an adsorbent cartridge regenerates the patient’s ultrafiltrate, which is used as the reinfusion liquid.


The key to optimal balance

HFR Aequilibrium is the dynamic response to the development of the intradialytic sodium balance.
Although it adjusts to the patient’s trend, the pre-set clinical target that was determined is maintained and an optimal cardiovascular stability is guaranteed.


Safety in on-line hemodiafiltration

PHF® is an exclusive on-line hemodiafiltration that favours safety and quality of the infusion fluids. PHF® offers not only the clinical advantage of high exchange volumes, but also the advantage of acetate-free dialysing solutions.


On line pre and post hemodiafiltration

Mid-Hemodiafiltration (MID-HDF) is a technique that combines pre and post dilution whereby the substitution fluid is reinfused between two high-permeability filters connected in series.
Compared with the technique that uses post-dilution only, on-line MID-HDF provides equivalent clearances for low molecular weight solutes and superior clearances for high molecular weight solutes.


A new perspective for chronic patients

A careful selection of the most suitable instruments allows further improving the clinical performance, That is why Bellco online HDF stands out, having chosen to use the hemodialysers Phylther®, Formula® Therapy and the acetate free concentrates Lympha®.


Beyond the frontiers new Clearance horizons

Supra HFR uses a Super High Flux (SHF) Polyphenylene membrane that offers a considerably higher cut-off than that of the High Flux membranes used in conventional HDF, as demostrated by the higher sieving coeficcient for all the olecular weights. Thanks to the selective adsorpion action the high membrane permeability opens a new frontier in the realm of clearance.

The principle of selective adsorpiont allows targeted selection of numerous substances contained in the ultrafiltrate, which, after being drawn by the blood filter by convention, pass trhough the sorbent resin of the Suprasorb cartridge.

This therapeutic system, which corroborates the HFR 'philosophy', is confirmed as the best physiological clearance possibile today, as this revolutionary approach to clearance possibile today, as this revolutionary approach to clearance comes closest to the natural kidney function. Supra HFR is the first and only haemodiafiltration treatment capable of selectively high-molecular-weight molecules and uremic toxins without the risk of losing albumin and other essential factors.