FLEXYA™ was born of the experience and innovative technological vision of collaborative research: a versatile, complete and automated instrument designed for chronic patients. With FLEXYA™, simplicity and automation are applied to the widest possible range of treatments optimized and integrated in a single therapeutic system.

Beyond therapeutic standards
The history of Bellco in many ways identifies with the history of dialysis: constant commitment and passion at the service of Collaborative Research and Clinical Medicine to offer therapeutic solutions suited to the ever larger number of elderly and critical patients: patients who require appropriate treatment.

With FLEXYA™, Bellco has chosen to continue to leave the 'standardization mould' in dialysis. 
FLEXYA™ is a monitor that allows administering the largest possible number of dialysis treatments, because every patient deserves exclusive attention:

  • HFR
  • Mid-Dilution
  • PHF
  • Online HDF
  • Online HF Pre, Post, Pre+Post (SN, DN)
  • BD (SN, DN)

Beyond functional standards
Completeness | Automation | Intuitiveness
The dialysis monitor must also satisfy the most stringent operating requirements, the daily challenge of pressing dialysis shifts, tight timetable for each operation and complex treatments. Being complete, automated and intuitive, FLEXYA™ can overcome these challenges whilst paying maximum attention to patients.

Beyond well-being standards for dialysis
A dialysis treatment may be considered a therapy if it is capable of improving tollerability of its administration and patient well-being: in short, when it is capable of contributing to improvement of the quality of life.
Bellco has been engaged on this front for many years and, thanks to the collaboration with universities and major clinics, has developed instruments that revolutionize the approach to dialysis.

FLEXYA™ integrates the evolution of two exclusive systems that help prevent hypotension events during the dialysis session: AEQUILIBRIUM and SOGLIA.



Formula® Therapy was designed to offer the nephrologist ever more accurate and flexible tools that become essential elements in patient care and in choosing the ‘right therapy’.

Formula® Therapy integrates the widest and most exclusive choice of haemodiafiltration therapies:
from standard on-line HDF to special on-line HDF (PHF® and Mid Dilution®), unique with respect to safety and efficiency, and last but not least, HFR® (the only HDF with endogenous reinfusion).
Thanks to the new double ultrafiltration system for the Formula® Therapy dialysing solution, as of today on-line HDF treatments are even more practical and safe.