The partnership DWA-Bellco

Thanks to the DWA partnership, Bellco provides innovative solutions for the supply of highly pure water to dialysis centres. DWA develops systems for the production of ultrapure permeate and its distribution right to the dialysis machine. The portfolio covers all aspects regarding water treatment, from the pre-treatment stages, through reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and heat-disinfection systems.


The special features of DWA systems

The wide range of DWA reverse osmosis systems features different permeate capacity production, offering adequate solutions for the various requirements of each dialysis center.

The systems: modula, modula S, modula S-XL, modula S-TP and nephRO TP offer a permeate production that varies from 350 L/h to 6500 L/h, ensuring always the highest permeate quality and total operational safety. Thanks to the ECO mode, the permeate production is regulated depending on the real water consumption of the dialysis center, optimizing water consumption and reducing operational costs.

The sanitization of the entire permeate course and the complete absence of bacteria and germs along the ringmain are guaranteed thanks to the DWA heat-disinfection system. The nephro SAFE system carries out the centralized heat-disinfection of the ringmain, the dialysis machines and their supply connections. The results are a significant improvement of the microbiology and the prevention of a biofilm.

In addition, DWA offers a further level of permeate depuration introducing the ultrafiltration system, which can be combined with the reverse osmosis systems or with the heat-disinfection system.

The DWA single reverse osmosis units are small, easy to transport and simple to use, while featuring outstanding permeate quality and microbiological safety. HemoRO HOT and HemoRO 3000 are the first choice for home dialysis and intensive care applications, offering permeate capacity production from 50 L/h to 70 L/h and providing the possibility to disinfect the system by heat or by chemical disinfectants.