Bellcath®. Patient-catheter system: essential integration for optimal therapy.
Thanks to technological and medical-scientific research, the Bellcath® line today offers state-of-the art systems adaptable to the various clinical needs, such as an optimal interface between the patient and therapy.
Bellco utilises Carbothane® for the entire Bellcath® haemodyalisis catheter line as high-quality solution for the patient-catheter system.

Gemini. Permanent catheters with two separate lumens.
Catheter with 'self-dislocated' geometry of the two lumens which guarantees absence of the 'whiplash' effect preventing adhesion of the catheter tip to the vessel wall. Available different accessories to deal with each individual requirement and customised use of the patient.
The Carbothane®of which Gemini is made up allows an excellent ratio between the inside guage and the wall thicknell, at the same time providing a 'self-supporting' function preventing collapse during
The catheters have an outside diameter of 10 Fr and a total lenght of 50 cm. They are available in different lenghts between the tip and the Dacron® cuff.

Fluentys. Temporary and permanent high-flow bilumen catheters.
The Fluentys catheters of the Bellcath line are extremely flexyblethanks to the different degrees of hardness and an high biocompatibility profile. The catheters and relative accessories have been designed to improve handling and enhance patient comfort. The catheters are presented in the temporary and permanent version with an outer diameter of 13.5 Fr and variable lengths in order to adapt to the different accesses.

Dualys. Dualys permanent split-type catheters with separate terminals.
Dualys, split-type catheters, features include:

  • easy to implant: just a single insertion and cannulation process in required
  • efficient performance, even with blood flows over 350 ml/min with adequate aspiration and blackflow pressures.

The external diameter of Dualys catheters is 14 Fr and they are available in three different lenghts, measured from the vein-end tip and the dacron® cuff (subcutaneous cannula) making Dualys ideal for jugular, subclavian or femoral approach.

Kairos. Single lumen and double lumen temporary catheters
The Kairos catheters and the relevant accessiories have been painstakingly designed to improve handling without neglecting patient comfort.
Any information useful to the operator is given oh the catheters:

  • screen-printed diameter in French on the central body
  • cannula lenght with centimetre scale
  • priming volume

The Kairos catheter are made of a flexible material tip in order to reduce intravascular trauma. The dimension and dislocation of the arterial and venous holes reduce recirculation to a maximum thus assuring an appropriate blood flow. The polyurethane extension assure grater mechanical resistance. The catheters are available in different lenghts depending on the chosen implant site.