Lympha® today further improves the patient's quality of life by guaranteeing even more physiological dialysis thanks to better biocompatibility, improved cardiovascular stability and a simple and extremely versatile approach. The 100% acetate-free dialysing solution can easily be used in all dialysis treatments: MID Dilution, HFR Evolution, HFR Aequilibrium, Supra HFR, PHF, online HDF, as well as in standard bicarbonate dialysis.

Lympha dialysing solution contains bicarbonate and electrolytes. It does not contain acetate. In the Lympha concentrates, acetic acid in substituted with hydrochloric acid, which gives rise to carbon dioxide and water during production of the dialysis fluid.

In the light of these now know clinical-scientific results on acetate, the next necessary and natural step in the development of the dialysis technique in to make the dialysis fluid completely acetate-free.