DEDYCA® is the therapeutic system designed to provide an appropriate response to the growing number of patients suffering from congestive heart failure and water overload. Slow and continuous ultrafiltration allows physiologically bypassing the complications often related to the use of pharmacological
treatments with diuretics.

Among its innovative features there are:

  • Extracorporeal circuit entirely pre-assembled and disposable
  • Software user-friendly
  • Blood flow adjustable to the type of vascular access
  • Direct and continuous measurement of the blood volume variation and the oxygen saturation
  • Simplified management even in surgeries


Dedycath is a temporary catheter line dedicated to patients with critical pathologies where the vascular access must be extremely easy to implant and highly flexible to prevent trauma.


  • 8 Fr x 16 cm (centimetrate 15 cm)
  • 8 Fr x 21 cm (centimetrate 20 cm)