In critical care, tackling organ failures in real-time with an integrated and personalized approach is the priority road to effectively face diseases such as: sepsis, renal failure, respiratory and multi-organ failure/disfuction in general. Integration of multiple extracorporeal treatments - from the more conventional to adsorption treatments - widens the therapeutic opportunities in case of organ failure.

A wide therapeutic choice
The history of Bellco in many ways identifies with the history of extracorporeal blood purification: constant commitment and passion at the service of Collaborative Research. Paying attention and listening to the needs of the medical-scientific community together with know-how and innovative capability make it possible to take another step forward on the road to excellence.
The current and future challenges in critical care require intuitive, versatile systems able to respond to the clinical needs in real-time.

AMPLYA™ is capable of performing a vast number of extracorporeal blood clearance treatments with one single circuit. For each specific disease, an unprecedented integrated therapeutic approach that can aid patient survival and improve the quality of life.

AMPLYA™: a real and complete multitherapeutic system
A single platform for multiple options:

  • PEX
  • CPFA®

The added value of AMPLYA™
Completeness | Automation | Intuitiveness
For patients that may be victims of diseases such as: ALI (Acute Lung Injury); RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS; ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome); COBP (Chronic Obstructive Bronchopneumopathy); CRUSH SYNDROME; HYPERCHOLESTEROLEMIA; ARF (Acute Renal Failure); MYASTHENIA GRAVIS; MYELOMA; MODS (MULTI-ORGAN DYSFUNCTION SYNDROME, Renal, Hepatic, Cardiac, Pulmonary And Cerebral); IMMUNE COMPLEX DISEASES; SEVERE SEPSIS.

Selective clearance: beyond the known Patterns
Just as the organism in physiological conditions retains noble substances and eliminates waste products, so selective clearance in pathological conditions can be truly effective if it retains noble substances and eliminates toxic ones. Develop new clearance technologies, increasingly effective in providing therapeutic support for complex diseases. This is the commitment of the Collaborative Research of universities, clinics and the industry, also testified by the F.A.R.E. Project: Filtration and Adsorption Regione Emilia-Romagna.

The soul of AMPLYA™: selective clearance
The blood is the tissue that connects the organs. It allows for the cellular survival, regulation and growth thereby controlling the functionality of each organ. It transports nutrients and allows removing the waste products of cellular metabolism. Complementary use of filtration and adsorption allows removing from the blood the molecules involved in organ damage without losing noble substances, such as albumin, and can encourage functional recovery of the organ. AMPLYA™ intervenes in this process by associating the specific treatment with the individual disease. The soul of AMPLYA™ is an innovative concept born of the Collaborative Research between University, Clinic and the Industry.