Working all together to heed the needs of patients, constantly researching the most appropriate therapies

Bellco, with 40 years’ experience, operates worldwide offering therapies and systems for the treatment of renal failure, multiple organ failure, sepsis and congestive heart failure with the goal of providing know-how, reliability and innovation to the scientific and medical communities.



Simply flexible

FLEXYA™ was born of the experience and innovative technological vision: a versatile, complete and automated instrument designed for chronic patients.



Simply beyond

AMPLYA™ is a multitherapeutic system for critical care. Integration of multiple extracorporeal treatments - from the more conventional to adsorption treatments - widens the therapeutic opportunities in case of organ failure.



The First Worldwide Therapeutic System designed for neonatal patients

"Scientists invent kidney dialysis machine for babies and safely treat newborn with multiple organ failure." by The Lancet

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Medtronic Bellco is proud to launch the RIGHT THERAPY CONTEST 2019, the European Contest that aims to exchange relevant Cases Reports to assess the impact of adsorptive dialysis therapies on patient’s quality of life. Are you a nephrologist that works with our adsorptive extracorporeal blood purification therapies? Go to and upload your Case Report.
Collaborative Research Club
Chronic Line

Chronic Line

The international dialysis population, more and more diversified and elderly, exhibits increasingly critical clinical situations due to complications and comorbidity that progressively compromise the quality of life. The challenges for Bellco’s Therapeutic Dialysis are constant research and innovation for personalised therapies. This objective can be achieved thanks to a complete range of products and systems therapy derived from the sinergic combination of advanced engineering and medical and scientific know-how.

Acute Line

Acute Line

Complex clinical conditions, such as those of patients in intensive care, undergoing surgery, with multiple traumas, sepsis, multi-organ failure, cardiopathy, affected by immune pathologies and intoxication, require integrated therapeutic approaches capable of assuring versatility, functionality, rapidity and effectiveness.

Collaborative Research

Collaborative Research

Sharing of technical and scientific skills and experience between Bellco and the most authoritative members of the medical and scientific communities lies at the heart of the continuous research and development of correct therapies.

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