Bellco was already partner of Hoxen through a major distribution network and for this reason Bellco decided to create a stronger synergy with this company. Since February 2014 was created the new Joint Venture Bellco Hoxen owned 70% by Bellco and 30% by Hoxen.

We indentified the acquisition of Hoxen as a key component of our original value creation to access a major foreign market. Hoxen is one of the leading company in the Chinese market for the extra corporeal blood purification and shares with Bellco the same ethical values and the same clinical high level considering the patient support, customization of therapy and scientific research as the primary goals for successful action in the market designed to make a positive contribution to the lives of patients, society and the healthcare system.

The Chinese market accounts for 30% of global production of filters and more than 25% of equipment for dialysis. With a solid knowledge, more than 40 years of experience and market presence in this area Bellco aims to compete globally with technologies and systems for extracorporeal purification technology.

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